Writing for SEO Singapore has always been important but with more and more search engine changes happening, it has become increasingly difficult to offer great SEO writing results, and with that in mind we have created a great list of tips that can help you make the most out of your SEO writing antics all so that you can get a great experience. You should try and use these great tips as often as possible because they can help obtain a better set of results and that’s something you do want at all times.

Writing Awesome SEO Article

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1) Length

Length is important to make sure that the content you write has around 500 or 750 words. Don’t make it really short but at the same time don’t overdo it because a medium size article is perfect. Make it too long and you will lose the user interest, make it too short and search engines will not track it.

2) Add SEO friendly keywords

Keywords are mandatory so you need to use them at all times. Do keyword research and make sure that you can find the best keywords for your business, then the results will come for sure.

3) Focus on the primary keywords

Use the primary keywords anywhere in your articles and on your site as well, as you always need to make sure that you rank as many articles as you can very high in the search engine results.

4) Keyword density

It might sound good to add lots of keywords to your article, but keyword stuffing is actually bad so you should try to balance the keyword use the best way you can. If the article is found to have too many keywords it won’t get listed in the search engines.

5)Space out keywords

Use them throughout the article, not only in the beginning or the end. Spread them evenly across the article and the results will be great.

6) Structure

Use a great structure, add an introduction, text body and then a conclusion because all of these will add up to offer you a very good, refined experience all around.

7) Sub-headings

Also pertaining to the overall structure, the sub-headings are highlighting points in the article and they also help with structuring so it’s a very good idea to use them.

8) Add only relevant info

Have a simple approach, use a simple language and don’t overload the user with info. Focus on what you set out to showcase and don’t go all over the place.

9) Avoid complexity

As we said earlier, keep it simple and avoid any grammar mistakes. Try to ensure that you use simple language as it will help you connect with more users in the long run.

10) Make it for the readers

Even if it might be an SEO article, make your readers the final concern, because you write the article for them and not the other way around.
Use these instructions as it will be a lot easier for you to obtain amazing results in the long run, just give them a try right now. With a good SEO article, you can do wonderful things such as ranking high in search engines and getting exposure for your business, but you have to be patient when writing it and integrate all the ideas above!

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