A day in every human’s life at the current time is just incomplete without at least a single search on Google. Many sites have sprouted all across the internet and making a specific site to be notice in the search results of Google has really risen as a tedious job. To dominate this cut throat competition and getting the largest number of site visitors or traffic online, one needs to focus on how to achieve it and adopt a well planned strategy for the same. For some effective results the following immutable laws would definitely come handy.

If one follows the following strong points religiously, he can place his site at one of the top ranks in terms of Google search and well tackle the SEO.

However one should always remember that the top ranking requires patience and patience only apart from a strong strategy.

Once the course of action is strategized, just be calm and hold on, and a good rank traffic volume would rush to your site.

For local website owners here, please understand SEO Singapore – Search Engine Optimisation is a long term strategy. There is nothing more than a “I need to rank my website on Page 1 within 1 month and can you do it for me?”

Getting your website to the top of Google

The following are some of the rules or points that need to be taken care of for ensuring an optimum volume of traffic on your site by placing the site on the top shelves in the Singapore Google search results:


1. Site Speed

The speed of the site plays a vital role in getting you a good rank in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). One jus needs to ensure that his site opens pretty fast and with least lag on every server all over the world. Some ways to work that out are:

  • One can use of a multitude of online available tools to check the speed of the site. There are various tools like Google’s Page Speed, GT Metrix , Pingdom which serve this purpose. They provide you with reports of your site’s speed and thus give you recommendations to improve it. A regular track of the site speeds and a regular modification conforming to the recommendations can really prove beneficial.
  • The site loading time can be optimized using a page and browser caching tool like W3 Total Cache.
  • A Content Delivery Network or CDN ensures the site page are accessed easily by the viewers across the globe. You can use Amazon’s AWS CloudFront for this.


2. User Experience

It’s the most important thing that matters in the context. If the user experience is easy and amiable, then the site will gain trust and people will prefer the same over others of the same category. Google has been focussing on this since many years and altering its algorithms to provide the best user experience.

Here are some handy techniques to improve the user experience on your site

  • Restrict a lot of ads that tend to eat up the screen space while allowing the user to scroll the page swiftly.
  • Provide easy pathways to reach different sections and important topics on your page.
  • Do not use links that prompt customers with a redirect request.

Here is great article by Neil Patel about Algorithm Cheat Sheet

3. Content Quality

It is one of the major factors that decide the success rate of your site in Google SERPs. The content should have quality and authenticity and make sure that it is free from any sort of grammatical and spelling errors. People are going to look through your content and if you fail to impress them and capture their attention, your site is going to land nowhere in this competition. So make sure you display the desired and interesting content. Everyone loves to write about viral content so Jon wrote about “How to Drive Traffic using Great Content Marketing” in his other article at SDM.

At Novatise, we do have a team of curated writers who has affordable prices for blog writings.

4. Content length

Yes, it definitely matters as well. This however does not license you to fill the site with absurd stuff so that the content looks big. A minimum of 2000 words or more which are relevant to a specific context is necessary. Less is just not going to do any good and if your domain has higher authority and you have good qualitative and quantitative content, then no one can stop from getting ahead in the race. Additionally, this will display complete details of your topic, thus improving its value. So, it is more likely to be linked by other sites which results in its increasing publicity and importance.

serp1q content length for seo ranking

Improved rankings for long content – serpIQ agrees that “length is strength” in modern SEO of today.

You will definitely need to POST LONG CONTENT if you want to rank! (This article is 1.8k words btw)

As SEO experts all agree that Google rewards in depth article and denounce thin or not so great content.


5. Keyword Focus

Use of correct keywords increases your chances of your site to be visited and your content to be spotted amidst a bunch of search results. But, you can’t load it with repeated keywords without including necessary content. The flow of content and idea should be natural and not unnecessarily stuffed. It needs to serve the purpose of customers as well as the search engines too.

How to do this? Google has been continuously tweaking its technologies and optimizing them for the betterment of both the site owners and the visitors. The search feature of Google is currently integrated with Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) which ensures that Google knows when other phrases link the actual keyword. The search command including the keywords “develop cordial relations” can also be replaced with phrases like “build amiable bonds” which is the similar thing ultimately.

Example of LSI Keywords

keywords related seo singapore

One should include valid keywords in the content so as to get spotted in the search results and attract a heavy traffic on to the site. The keywords should also be used in the titles, subtitles and in the core of the content wherever necessary. It also proves highly effective if the keywords are used in the URL and even in meta description.


6. Multimedia Presence

Today’s world needs everything completely served in hassle free manner. People have grown to prefer “watch-listen and understand’ method over “read and understand” method. That’s why videos and podcasts are receiving so much attention. So, Google is encouraging sites to put up videos and high resolution photos along with quality content since it is these high-res photos are the ones which the capture user’s attention.

So one should combine his words with descriptive illustrations which would bring out the real picture of the content on his site and in an effective manner. Videos relevant to your content would be even more fascinating and magnetic. These improve the style of presentation of your content with its detailed description. Thus it increases the value of your content and makes it stand out from other sites.

Even texts with background images (which are of relevance to the context) are preferable over plain text.

Simple video like the below works wonder 🙂

7. Engagement

Do readers complete reading your whole content? Does it create a sense of curiosity in your readers to read every next line of your content? Breaking it down to simple words, your content should be engaging. You need your users to be glued to the content till it ends by providing them an exciting and interesting content.

This can be achieved in the following methods:

  • Provide actual and relevant content keeping them focussed on the topic rather than going away from mainstream.
  • Make it conversational and relate the reader with it.
  • Fill it with pertinent, simple words rather than using sophisticated words so that it is easily understood by the readers.
  • Distribute the complete content in various sections by providing sections with related subtitles for every section connected to each other like a storyline.
  • Mark out points using bullets and numberings and give suitable examples to illustrate your statement.


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8. Mobile Responsiveness

A majority of the internet traffic uses smart-phones to load content from the web. Therefore it’s really important that your site loads properly on mobile platforms. If not, you are already on disadvantage of losing a large number of readers, thus losing your rank in SEO.

Now, people have increasingly become obsessive users of mobile phones and this number increases exponentially every day. Thus your site needs to perform well on desktop as well as mobile platforms. It needs to load quickly without huge number of redirecting ads. You can use themes on sites like WordPress which are mobile responsive and also a framework like Bootstrap to enhance the usability of your site.

mobile friendly google test

Feel free to check out your website on Google Mobile Friendly Test.


9. Source Citing

Any of your contents on the site must have genuine relevance and importance. Therefore, cite your sources. It gives a backbone to your views and comments on the topic. It’s most necessary when you are dealing with scientific or research data. Your sources provide support to the arguments that you put forward through the content on your site. This in turn, creates a sense of trust in the viewers on the site regarding the authenticity of your content. Thus it significantly increases the value of your content and there will be more number of shares of your content which would ultimately increase the number of readers on the site, thus getting you to the top ranks in SEO. Just take a look in this article where I have stated a handful of sources.

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10. Unique Insights Reached

This is most valuable aspect which matters for your success in SEO. Your content must have unique insights. You cannot fill your content with “copy-paste” words and hope to make it popular among the readers. Copied content will lead to bad impressions and negligence from readers. It may even fetch you a lawsuit owing to plagiarism. If you want to convey your thoughts regarding any topic, you need to have in-depth knowledge regarding the topic and a unique perspective to see it in your way. This needs complete understanding of the topic which needs detailed research. And it is followed by your insights with descriptive explanations and sources supporting your arguments.

copyscape novatise

Do check out COPYSCAPE where it shall be able to identify if your content is relevant and unique.



Having checked up on the above mentioned handy rules, one is good to go in the SEO game. Follow the rules and hang on, the results would be definitely impressive.

If you do not have time to optimise such, please make sure you engage with proven SEO consultant who knows what they doing here in Singapore. Google has a tendency to penalise any websites that are shady and irrelevant. If the agency does not know how to best optimise your campaign, best to shun and either DIY using the above or look out for suitable professionals and agencies.

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