Getting the right marketer is a bit tricky job these days because of so many options and dynamics that are involved. For example, a marketer needs to understand Google Adwords, SEM and at the same time come up with viral strategies, run ads through Facebook advertising and SEO. You get what I mean. It’s hard to get a person who can do it all.

So whichever discipline you hire for, look for the following qualities in hiring a good Singapore Digital Marketer for your company. It’s very easy to get lost in the trenches of each channel, but a good marketer will always have these qualities.

• Conversion Driven

A good marketer always knows what’s important. He or she might do a lot of things and run a lot of campaigns, but their goal is one thing and one thing only, that is conversion. Money in the bank is the goal for a top marketer. If the marketer you are interviewing talks about Facebook reach or the impressions he’s created and so on, then be cautious. For a good marketer, money in the bank is the success of the campaign.

• Data Oriented

Marketing and use cases have become so convoluted that nobody knows what works. A good marketer puts out content/ads out there and looks at the data to see how it’s performing and how it can be improved. A bad marketer is one who keeps creating campaigns and runs ads and does not measure anything at all. A bad marketer will survive the good times, but will never survive the bad times because he/she does not know what is wrong. A good marketer will be able to clearly pin point what is working and what is not working and come up with reasons why it works and doesn’t work. By data, I don’t mean just looking at the traffic that is coming to the site. It’s about where the traffic is coming from, who are the people that are coming, how many are converting and so on.

• Experimentative

A good marketer is a curious soul. They don’t stop at one or two campaigns. They try hundreds and hundreds of campaigns and experiments to bring down the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) or increase sales. This is a very important quality for a marketer to possess.

top marketer

So when you interview a potential marketing hire try to base questions around these qualities. Based on their responses you will know if they are good enough or not.

Now watch this video about embracing concepts that will help you revolutionize your digital existence. You’ll also see links to download key reports and methodologies.

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