When it comes to web development, the concept encapsulates a huge array of skill sets. Web development is a diverse field offering certain types of career opportunities. There are mainly three aspects of web development around the world, these are front-end, full-stack & back-end web development.

Let’s dig deeper into the world of web development & know more about the key aspects of the field:

1. Front End web development:

The term can be regarded as the stuff that is visible to the user on the client side. In other words, the content you as a user see on any website in a browser is because of the front-end development. Chief elements of Front-end development are gaudy menus, transition effects, dropdown models etc.

2. Back End web development:

Talking about Back End web development, this is where the heart of any online application or web page rests. When we say Back End, it simply means that the operations such as processing the requests, computing data and much more are happening on the server side. Back End is responsible for receiving and sending data to/from a browser. An array of operations like form validation, data processing, data forwarding, page processing and infinite other tasks are processed through deemed Back End web development.

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3. Full stack development:

Full stack in layman words is the blend of both database and browser. A full stack developer knows how the website functions, how to maintain the information on the server & how to deal with database issues as well. One can literally regard a full stack developer as the kingpin of website designing and development.

There is an array of skillset required if you aim to be a web developer, let’s explore those:

• Front-end web development: For those geeks who wish to be a front-end web developer, well the knowledge of any front-end developer rests on his command over languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript & more. This is because any browser around the world can’t just function without making use of any of the above-mentioned languages. A front-end developer is expected to attain mastery in frameworks like Foundation, AngularJS, BootStrap and more. A useful & time-saving appeal is expected from front-end web developers. HTML is the basics of the front-end development, the language lays the foundation for the future endeavours of web developers.

• Back-end web development: As mentioned above, back-end deals with operations that are processed over the server side. Well, when it comes to becoming a back-end web developer, you must attain knowledge & hold strong concepts about Java, Python, PHP, Ruby and various other server-side languages. For the application building process, one can rely on Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL etc. These are used to acquire, process the data & server back the same to the individual accessing the front-end code. There are various PHP frameworks like CakePHP, Symfony, Zend and others that are available at your tips to kickstart. If developers have any experience or knowledge about the LINUX working environment, well that’s a plus point.
• Full-stack web development: Since full-stack web developers are the blend of the former two, it’d be evident to say that any full-stack developer must have deemed command over server-side languages like HTML, CSS & JavaScript. On the other hand, server-side languages like PHP, MySQL and more are also required. Full stack developers are always in demand considering the fact that one has achieved expertise in both the aspects of web development. So, one can explore the opportunities offered by the technology here & can develop beautiful websites out of scratch & can also run & maintain them on the server.

Here is a video which practically covers the basic and advance development roadmap which we like to share.

So, what’s in there for us?
Back-end simply means the thing you can’t see, that’s the server side & what you can actually see and interact with is your front-end website. Always remember that a user only interacts with the front-end aspect of web development, that is why it’s called client-side technology. Front-end web developers with accurate knowledge and creativity can generate gaudy websites from scratch, the sky is the limit for these type of guys. Without back-end developers, running a smooth operation is not a piece of a cake. You also require a great deal of knowledge for frameworks for both front-end as well as back-end web developing. By leveraging the frameworks, one can reduce the coding as well as a speedy task can be achieved.

For a fully-functional website, both- front-end web development & back-end web development go hand in hand. One can’ just imagine any website without any of these two. Full-stack web developers are garnering the limelight & breaking the stereotypes by producing most exquisite of the websites from scratch. Web developing is a powerful field that encapsulates a huge potential for many, an unparalleled experience is guaranteed by the same.

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