Are you one of those people who think they need big budgets to get word of their company out there? You maybe right in certain respects, but not all the time. Although big budgets can be a boon, it is not an absolute must.

Here are some strategies that can be used to market your content without much of a budget in Singapore.

Adwords + SEO


With a small budget in Google Adwords, you will be able to drive paid traffic to your website and that paired with consistent SEO gives you organic traffic as well. With Adwords, you do not have to spend massive doses of money to get traffic. All you have to do is spend a little, drive traffic and convert them either as a customer or get them to subscribe to your email.

SEO, on the other hand, works organically and it is important to know your place in the market. It’s very important to be aware of what is doing well and what is not doing well. If you are stubborn about your content strategy and don’t provide what the customers want, then you will never get traffic.

The best way to think of content is to figure out what content does really well. If a particular piece of content does well, then replicate it and make an advanced version of it. Some content is evergreen content that will do really well all the time. Think of content from that way.

Guest Posting

project management

If the content is your strength then you can use it to leverage other people’s traffic. You can write a piece of content and e-mail a particular blog in a niche to cover it. If it’s interesting enough, then they will cover it and you can link back to your website which adds authority to your site and also drives traffic back to your website. Guesposting works really well when the content isn’t too self-promotional and it works really well. If you are able to convince 10 to 15 blogs regarding your content, then you will be able to drive a lot of traffic and have some authority backlinks to your website.

Viral Marketing

video marketing

Making simple videos with 2 to 3 minutes watch time is easier than a blog post which is 200 words long. A lot of video marketers use video to tell the same story instead of text because people consume it easier. Find out top performing video content in your niche and make simple videos and drive traffic to your platform that way!

Now watch this successful case study about how this entrepreneur use Google Adwords to grow his business.


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