The CEO looks at the marketer and asks.

“ Do I have to pay $100 each time a person clicks the ad? “

“Yes” the marketer replies.

The CEO faints.

Although a bit dramatic, Google Adwords can cause such reactions to marketers and business owners alike.

google adwords singapore cost

If you are considering closing down your business or revaluing your decision to continue a business, Google Adwords will give you the data to support that decision.

The competition is fierce. People keep outbidding each other and the prices just keep going up for Google Adwords.

It’s an auction and Google benefits from it. So what are the bid rates for Google Adwords?


Google Advertising Rates in Singapore


  • Investing

The stock market is a competitive space not only for traders and trainers but also for advertisers. Here are some quotes in the stock market business.


KeywordBid Price(SGD)
How to invest money in the stock market$157.69
Fixed income investments64.83
Online investment50.01
Stock market investments47.18
Oil investing37.00
How to invest in gold28.78



  • Insurance

Insurance is THE most competitive industry for Google Adwords. Companies pay top dollar per click in hopes of getting a client.

KeywordBid Price(SGD)
Car insurance brokers83.08
Affordable car insurance76.11
Get car insurance quote online66.98
International medical insurance59.48
Cheap auto insurance56.48
Low car insurance53.29
Business car insurance46.00


  • Surgery

Industries where you think there’s lesser competition also have expensive bid rates. If the competition hasn’t arrived online yet. It’s time to jump into Google Adwords before the prices become very exorbitant.

KeywordBid Price(SGD)
Breast implant surgery34.16
Breast augmentation31.10
Lipo surgery29.36
Double eyelid surgery28.31
Liposuction surgery27.45
Breast implants cost27.34


  • SEO Services

Agencies will know the pain of Google Adwords, this is why they rush to SEO. Here at Novatise, we practise a combination of highly targeted Google Adwords combined with organic SEO.

KeywordBid Price(SGD)
Seo marketing agency59.17
Website SEO services55.06
Seo search engine optimization35.89
Seo services company35.50
Seo company29.93
Seo website design27.18
Seo services26.32


  • Web Development

This is another space that is hotly contested for the main reason that most business in this Industry happens online. Keywords like Web development and design are highly competitive here in Singapore. 

KeywordBid Price(SGD)
Ecommerce development49.98
Web designing44.77
Website editor43.98
Web development websites42.18
Web design cost36.13
Website developers31.24
Web design16.99


Above are bid rates proposed by Google Adwords in order for your Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads to be rank on Google searches.

Doing Google Adwords in Singapore Context

Google Adwords is tricky not because of the bid price. The complications arise when you are trying to figure out which keywords to bid for.

If you are bidding for the wrong keywords, your business could be potentially losing thousands of dollars a month with nothing to show for it.

Singapore is a business hub in South East Asia and also around the world, has some of the most competitive Google Adwords rates in the world.

But let that not stop you from optimising your Google Adwords campaign because it’s one of the most effective channels for leads.

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Reasons Why you should Outsource PPC

reasons for outsourcing google adwords

People who are familiar with online marketing and those who are here just to know the benefits of outsourcing PPC are kindly asked to move to the third paragraph as this introduction is for people who are new to the field. PPC is Pay-Per-Click, which means the advertiser will pay you for every single click their ad manages to take on your website. A website’s PPC norms and traffic can be managed either by an in-house PPC management team or by simply outsourcing it.


What is Outsourcing PPC?

Outsourcing is nothing but hiring a source outside your business premises in order to accomplish a particular task. For example, most companies nowadays generate their payrolls through another company whose only job is to provide payrolls for their customer firms. Likewise one can outsource PPC management of their site to a PPC agency so that they can be relieved from the burden of handling it themselves through an in-house PPC management team.

That being said, let’s now have a look at the top 5 benefits of outsourcing PPC, rather than managing it with an in-house PPC team.

advertising on google adwords singapore


Reason 1: Cost of advertising on Google Adwords Singapore 

Cost is the major drawback of owning an in-house PPC team. If you are a very big and well-known firm, then maintaining an own PPC team should not be a problem as you are generating enough money to pay the team with the salary they demand. But, for small and emerging sites, it is impossible to build an in-house team and maintain it as it will increase your investment.

It is like buying a new car versus hiring a cab. If you are rich enough, you can buy a new car but if you aren’t, obviously you know what to do. Hiring an AdWords agency is relatively cheap when compared to organizing an own team.

Setting up your own team will include charges of required pieces of equipment other than salaries and overhead expenses of your staffs. Whereas, a PPC agency’s sole work is to generate revenue for their customers and they are already well equipped with all the necessary needs to serve their customers. Compare the cost of building an in-house PPC and outsourcing it considering salary, space, material, and overhead expenses to get a clear idea about the cost difference.


Reason 2: Experience of marketers

The role of experience in any field plays an important part in its commendable progress. PPC agencies are devoted to their task and have immense experience in the field. The quality of work accomplished by an experienced hand is always far ahead than the work done by an amateur.

Though one can learn and gain experience only by starting a task as an amateur, it is not wise to try and learn from mistakes if you do not have enough time or money to devote. Outsourcing PPC will get that work into the hands of experienced people in that field so that your objective can be reached with ease and accuracy. If you are planning to build your own PPC team, you will have to look out for experienced candidates as marketing cannot be assigned to beginners. It will take time for them to learn the nook and corners of the job which cannot be afforded by start-ups or small firms.


Reason 3: Tools for Adwords Marketing

Tools play a vital role in PPC campaigns. Without all the necessary tools, one cannot enjoy the full benefit of successfully showcasing a PPC module. In order to get in touch with your advertisers, you will need access to various tools that are designed for the purpose of the establishment of your PPC campaign.

An in-house PPC team will not be aware of the various new tools that are being developed or the updates made to the existing tools. A PPC agency will host a separate team for monitoring the tool evolution and any new tool developed will be employed only after deep evaluation by the team.

PPC agencies will have separate tools for managing bids, analyzing your competitors, and also for the optimization of your campaign which cannot be expected from an in-house PPC team.

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Reason 4: Flexibility of advertising  

The nature of PPC marketing is not static but dynamic. It will keep on changing with respect to the updates made and the team dedicated to the work must be aware of these updates.

An in-house PPC team will not have the exposure to the regular updates as they work within a closed circle when compared to an agency. The agency will have access to the updates that are made on a frequent basis and they will incorporate it to enhance your campaign.

This flexibility cannot be expected from an in-house team, as they are just a part of a firm whereas PPC agency is a firm that wholly concentrates on the PPC marketing campaign.


Reason 5: Time and Dedication

Marketing anything over the internet is not an easy job. It needs utmost dedication and determination for announcing your project loudly so that it can be heard by the advertisers. A lot of time needs to be devoted for this purpose which an in-house team may find difficult to.

On the other hand, a Google Adwords Agency like Novatise will experience staffs working for them who are obliged to dedicate themselves to the work assigned to them. An agency will have a handful of staffs working on a rotational basis to avoid work overload. A small team cannot emulate this as they will feel exhausted after working for a certain period of time.

adwords cost is expensive

The above-mentioned traits of outsourcing Adwords are only the attributes that top the list, there are more benefits one can enjoy by outsourcing advertising on Adwords such as,

Productivity: The rate of production achieved by a PPC agency will always be higher than that of an in-house team as the strength and knowledge of an agency will always outsmart an in-house team.

Reliability: A team that is experienced in the field with abundant knowledge about each and every aspect of it is always reliable over a small team that is new to the work.

Reduced Workload: When you assign specific tasks to teams that are specialised in accomplishing it with accuracy, you will feel relieved from the burden of work overload and the nature of its output, which will eventually allow you to concentrate on your work with peace of mind.


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