When a business is looking to interact with people and needs to be on the spot with the conversation, it is a better decision to choose Artificial Intelligence over the human brain. Chat Bots serve as the Artificial Intelligence to help its users and customers to get the results they are looking for. They provide results based on the level of coding or conversational ability they have.

In simple words, they are the best tools to get answers you are looking for, and businesses want them to be as prompt as possible. Chat Bots look for the keywords entered by the user and derive a result based on your key entries.

With the internet age at a height and people choosing to give importance to the Artificial Intelligence, the business has identified the same and decided to dedicate its strategies to the be able to serve the needs better, wants and desires of its customers.

Customers are choosing to interact with any business over Chat rather than the old school methods. Be it ordering food or going for a trip, customers are more comfortable with Chat bots than any other method, and various studies back the same theory. Not a theory anymore but a fact.

E-commerce is the particular area where Chat Bots have been used as an excellent tool to serve the customers. The e-commerce industry has used it to help answer questions or queries, solve dilemmas and at times assist the customers to choose the right product. The better the chat bot, the higher the usage and hence better is the customer service and higher is the ability to solve their customer doubts and guide them to the results.

Brief Idea of Chat Bots

To give a brief idea of how the Chat Bot works or functions, we are all familiar with chat pop-ups that come online every time we visit certain web pages. These chat screens don’t have a real human sitting at the other end. Instead, the queries or questions you type in are actually answered by a bot programmed to respond to the questions depending on the keywords present in the query.

To give even better clarity on the same, you need to think of the time where you had to know the time of a particular service to be available or to get an idea about any product. You can simply type in your query instead of having to go through the trouble of actually mailing and waiting for that answer or calling and having to wait for the customer representative to search her database to answer your query. One of the most significant advantages, in this case, is the time saved. You can easily get your results and with some simple clicks and keywords.

Businesses are using Chat Bots in various ways, some bots are being used to answers queries, some to assist you to that result and some to give you a better experience once you have decided to avail a particular service.

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Chat Bots are in Trend

Chat Bots are in a very naïve phase in the industry, and yet every business is pouring money into the particular area of their business. Every business working towards a better customer service as they understand that the future lies with the customer and Chat Bots are the tool that’s certain to give an edge to businesses.

The fact of the time is that the Chat Bots are the next hottest thing and everyone is trying to get ahead of the competition. In simpler words, Chat Bots are in trend. Be it the customer or the business both identify the need of the Chat Bots in the industry and understand that it is, for now, the integral part and everyone is looking for it.

If someone sat down to actually derive numbers, then it is pretty easy to say that the Chat Bots would be considered as the next big thing in the industry. Technology has always evolved, and over the last couple of years, technology has given us the gift of Chat Bots. The idea of having Chat bots introduced in your business helps you in ways to serve the customer needs that no one would have ever imagined. However, the imagination has been realized, and Chat Bots have to take the business by storm and to find uses that one would never have thought of.

Various Chat Bots for various needs

There are Chat Bots built that are helping people to make payments, and all you need to do is type in the right keywords to the chat bot. To give a brief idea here, it’s like making any conversation with someone at the bill payment counter. You just simply need to ask them to pay the bills and tell them whom to pay. They will take off the rest.

Another area where the Chat Bots are being used is to transfer money from one account to other. If you have several accounts, you can easily ask them to track your savings and expenditure and give you a day to day analysis of your expenses and your areas of expenditure as well, and the major part is that they do it in minutes. The transfer of money to other accounts is also effortless, all that is needed to be done is to ask the Chat Bot to make a payment to the particular account name, and the Chat Bot will do it for you from the account you want it from. OCBC in Singapore recently just launch such service – Click HERE to read more.

There are also Chat Bots that allows users to make transactions, solve queries, and get assistance in choosing products over voice responses as well. Chat Bots are here to stay, and it is advisable to use them to one’s advantage while they are giving some really cool and great services. To sum it up, Chat Bots although are new but are in trend. They are sure to help the business grow and help customers and users in ways you had never imagined.

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