Digital world is tremendously growing and the trend has reached the small business as well. It is more of a business profit machine than a trend as small businesses get huge profits with online presence. Be it a barber, restaurant or any other small business, having an app makes the job much more easy and affordable.
But the question arises does this Small Businesses really need such Apps? And if yes why so? What are the advantages an app can bring to SMBs?

Mobiles are the new future

Talking about the future, the most important and trending thing would be Mobiles. It is the next big thing. Reason, people use their Mobile phones for shopping, playing, working and communicate. Gone are the days of computers and mobiles have become new computers. Now the whole world depends on app for each and every thing. Be it any service, people prefer mobile apps to avail those.
· As per Straits Times article, Average Singapore consumers spend most of their waking hours on digital devices – 12hr 42 min a day on average. An average person uses their mobile phones for over 2 hours a day and their most of time (86%)they prefer using an app over a website(14%).

Wide Access and Potentiality

To seek more loyal customers, SMBs have best advantage with apps. Thus gaining Customer loyalty increases company’s revenues benefiting SMBs.
Lets Talk about how does this apps increase Revenues and loyalty of customers –
With the app logo on your smart phone, You can visit and avail the services with just single tap.
With apps, SMBS interact with their users and does not need any visitors to visit their website. The best feature is an app can forward GEO based push message if any special offer comes. SMBs can send messages to their customers whenever there is any special offer going on and that too area wise. The SMBs social media is also taken care of with the apps which is designed beautifully in corporate way letting you get optimum visitors.
Any SMBs like Wellness Centres, Restaurants can have their Loyalty cards in built in the app having savings programs. Attract your customers with discount offers, Loyalty programs through your app.


Not for trend but for Customers

Some of the companies create their apps just to be in trend, be modern and happening but rather than having an app for such things, apps bring a sense of loyalty and trustworthiness among customers. Having an Mobile app, SMBs will get marketing and promotion of their company and will even show in Google Search.

M- Commerce has taken over E – Commerce

As the Online shopping has been in trend with the future being the mobile, it would surely be the future in shopping as well. This means E commerce will be taken over by M Commerce shortly. Mobile phones let you process your payments with the help of apps thus making easy way for all the customers.

Preferring apps over websites

Nowadays, people tend to prefer Apps more than websites, reason being apps are easy to use and provide better user experience. With apps having several unique features like Direct call option, Direct purchase, Product videos, testimonials etc helping visitors making their shopping experience smooth and without any glitches. Apps eve let you scan QR codes and photos.

Customer related particular information

Website is a place where overall information can be obtained while the app can be used to know any specific information to targeted customers. Apps specifically build for schools or educational purposes can restrict the content to students or school going parents. With encryption and password protected content, particular information can be made accessible to users.

The Future is Apps: – Google

As per Google, the future of the world is Mobile and apps are an important part of it. With Google having app indexing users can download the apps directly from the search engine to their mobile devices. Thus Google has started promoting apps in their Play store with App Store optimisation.

Have a competitive edge

To have a competitive edge over your rivals, B2C SMBs in Singapore must have their own app. They will surely tap the customers and attract them with their app which will be easily made available to them. Thus your potential customers can move to your competitors. To stay ahead in this race apps are of great use. Be a click/tap ahead by having an attractive business app gaining more an more customers to your end.

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