In simple words, App Store Optimization is a way wherein marketers of the app can optimize their apps in such a way that it will come on top of the search results.

The main point on which every marketer should put his/her focus on is KEYWORDS. Like choosing the right keywords is a crucial thing for App SEO, it is precisely the same or probably even more important for ASO. You should put your mind on the possible keywords which the consumer can use and that will help you a long way with ASO. This is like the holy grail of ASO.

The great ways to market your app are as follows:

  • See your audience.

The first and foremost step to market your app is to communicate with individuals and understand their needs. In this way, you can never go wrong with your goals. You can contact your old customers by emailing them and can appreciate their feedback. Your customers are your “God”. Therefore, giving them some kind of incentives in return for their valuable time is really important. Your customers are the spine of your app and including them in the app making process can help you achieve dual objectives i.e. the marketing of your app and standing up for your clients’ needs and expectations.

  • Use your existing website for your own benefit.

If you already have a fully functional website with a good client support, in that case, you can use that website as a tool to promote your new app. This will hopefully give you good results in the future. You can also dedicate a part of your website for your app which can take your clients’ attention towards it. You can also create a pop-up on your website as it will also be able to attract the viewers’ attention.

  • Publish blogs stating your app.

You can also dedicate a full blog page to your app which can be read by the viewers. Try and include all the minute details and features your app can provide to the consumers. Also, state why this app is important to them and how it can bring a change in their life. You should definitely mention how you got the idea of making this app, what are you trying to achieve through it and which part of the audience fancies these types of applications. You can also post videos, images, and the link to your app as it will gain you more downloads and further recognition.

  • Do not underestimate the power of an email.

As a big business entity, emails are a big part and parcel of your daily life. Do not let that go to waste. Include and promote your app on each and every email you send each day. It will definitely give you a humongous response as according to a study, approximately 91% of the people around the globe check their emails on a daily basis.

  • The motion picture is the way to go.

As we all know, the motion picture is the best medium to communicate one’s message. People connect the most to this form of media. Therefore, you can feature a small promotional video giving a glimpse of what your app can do. You should keep on making new videos of your app wherein a new feature is introduced to the people every time. You can also cater responses from social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by posting videos.

  • Upload on less popular stores as well.

According to a recent study, uploading your app on just the usual stores like Google Play or App Store is not enough. Try and upload it on less popular stores as well. It can increase your downloads by 200% more than the usual.

Stores to look out for are as follows:

  • SlideMe
  • AppsLib
  • AppBrain
  • GetJar
  • Opera Mobile Store
  • Amazon App Store
  • Value SEO as much as ASO.

You heard it right! SEO is as important for your app marketing as ASO. You should look for keywords which you think the audience will search for in the search engines which will boost your expected chances on coming on the top of the SEO results.

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  • Get in touch with Developers and Entrepreneurs.

Just go out and increase your contacts on social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin so that you can become visible in the crowd. They can give you great advice from their experiences which will also help you market your app better. Discuss each and every minutest detail of your app and appreciate their take on it. This is also a good way in which you can promote your app.

  • Icon matters.

There are countless apps on Google Play and App Store, which means lots of confusion as well. Amidst this crowd, the consumers tend to pick apps on the basis of how the app icon looks and what message it gives. So developing the app icon is a crucial part of your app development procedure. Hire only professionals with lots of experience as it will increase the possibility of acceptance of your app by the consumers. Do not forget to stand out in the crowd i.e. uniqueness is the key to success in this context. You should be innovative in coming up with an icon. “fewer colors, less text, no photo” rule will take you to new heights where app development is concerned.

  • Remember to be up to date with your app.

The nature of human beings is very inquisitive, and they are always in search of new things as they get bored easily. So always update your app with new features so as to keep your consumers’ interest in the app intact. Always give a decent reply to all the reviews and queries of the people. This will reflect your ultimate objective which is consumer satisfaction.

These 10 ways will help you a lot in marketing your app. Good Luck!

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